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The 25. Marts 2008
The company is now up and running.

The 23. june 2008
The company is currently working for a major insurance company in denmark.

The 21. january 2009
See under current projects.

Since the ending of 2009 we have been working to uptimize the cooperate business in a major nordic insurance company, by encrease the self service and merging the propersal sale.


IT4you APS 





IT4you ApS is a small IT company, located in Denmark. The company is started in 2008 and has currently 1 employe.

The company offering IT consultant sevices in  software development on the IBM mainframe and its products. And ISIS papyrus product.  


Current projects

We has participated in a project for a major insurance company, where we has develop a paperless process for the claims and sales department. It's now possible to process incomning and outgoing mails directly in the insurance system and stored it in a common archive.  

We has also participated in deployment of the solution on different location in denmark.

We have also participated in a program, where the goal is to uptimize the cooperate business to more self service on the cutomers internet and merging the different propersal, produced in the business in on common solution, using the ISIS papyrus platform.